According to Infant warmer innovator Embrace Global, an estimated 20,000,000 babies are born in the developing world each year, and 450 of them die each hour.

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that nearly 5 million (73%) of child deaths under five years of age occurred within the first year of life. Developing countries where communities don’t have access to modern neonatal care boast sky-high infant mortality rates.


Many infant deaths are caused by low birth weight (LBW) where infants succumb to hypothermia because they are simply unable to regulate their own body temperature. Those that do not die due to a lack of infant incubators face numerous health problems later in life, from early onset diabetes, to heart disease and low IQ.


Traditional first-world hospital-grad incubators can cost tens of thousands of dollars, and are not suitable for most developing world conditions. Oftentimes, medical clinics are forced to put multiple babies in the same incubator, or are reduced to using cardboard or wooden boxes fashioned with lightbulbs to keep infants warm. New technologies developed by companies such as Embrace Global, GE, and Medicine Mondiale are working to provide sustainable equipment to help mitigate the problem of high infant mortality in the developing world.


Our goal is to keep a hand on the pulse of new technologies being developed to solve the problem of infant mortality due to lack of infant incubators, as well as to fundraise to deliver sustainable infant incubators to communities in need. Because everyone deserves a future, and every little life deserves a fighting chance.