Somalia and the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation


As a small nonprofit, we have to be diligent about where we allocate our funds and resources and what for what projects we solicit donor support.  That said, we have found the work that Dr. Hawa Abdi, called the“Mother Theresa of Somalia”, has done through her nonprofit hospital at the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation beyond inspiring. 

Dr. Hawa is Somalia’s first female gynecologist and has housed and cared for over 90,000 Somali refugees on her land despite the extraordinarily tumultuous situation in her country, and many, many setbacks including militant occupation.

Though the project is daunting, we hope to be able to be able to raise enough funds through Operation Incubation to purchase, crate, and ship multiple infant incubators and life-saving neonatal devices for use in Dr. Hawa’s nonprofit hospital where they deliver 20 babies per day.   To complete the project, we’ll arrange for in-country volunteers from a partner nonprofit to train Dr. Hawa’s staff on use of the devices, so that she can continue to serve mother’s and their premature newborns in one of the world’s most dangerous places. 

Please stay tuned as we work towards making this project a reality, or donate today.  


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