New Charity Aims to Save Premature Infants in the Developing World, Sends Three Incubators to Haiti

Washington, D.C. (January 12, 2011)- 450 premature infants die each hour, many of them due to lack of access to an infant incubator, but a new start-up charity has set out to change that. This past summer, Operation Incubation, co-founded by Jeff Kurtzman and Julie Eckert, sent three infant incubators to a Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Leogane, Haiti, which is approximately 18 miles away from Port-au-Prince where an earthquake devastated medical centers and most premature infants’ shot at life.


The equipment was donated to Operation Incubation by San Francisco Variety Children’s Fund and is worth close to $20,000.  The three GE Ohio Infant Warmer systems are currently being used to save infant lives in the MSF Hospital in Leogane, just months after the charity was formed.


Operation Incubation’s mission is to purchase case-specific incubators that are specifically engineered for a third world setting, and to distribute them to hospitals and villages where they are needed. Operation Incubation is working with several different incubator manufacturers, including Embrace Global, an innovative new not-for-profit that has developed an incredibly cheap and portable incubator, in order to determine the best type of equipment to send to areas that need it.


The week of January 10, 2011, Operation Incubation (OpInc) will be sending a Hemel Baby Incubator (HEBI) to a hospital in need in Port Maria, Jamaica. The lack of proper medical care for premature infants in the developing world claims more lives than malaria and AIDS combined. To help, donate or volunteer with a start-up nonprofit that could change the lives of families across the world please contact Julie Eckert or Jeff Kurtzman.


Julie Eckert, 443-878-5996 

Jeff Kurtzman, 512-565-8093

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