Team “Keepin’ ‘Em Toasty” Runs Half Marathon to Benefit Operation Incubation

On June 1, 2013, Operation Incubation supporters joined together to run the Virginia Wine Country Half Marathon to raise money for our next project which we are hoping will be sending incubators and other critical life-saving neonatal devices to the Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation in Somalia.

Runners included Operation Incubation Co-founder Julie Eckert, Sarah Kurtzman, Patrick Kilcur, Anastasia Holoboff, Tom Radford, Dave Kranich, Ashley Graf, Katherine Myers and Jennie Paleaz. The team raised over $1,000 and ran a 4/5 star course on a sweltering 90 degree day!  The race was tough, but worth it.

A huge thank you to our event donors: Robbie and Randy Respess, Linda Kurtzman, Chris Kurtzman, Nancy Kurtsman, Julia Iannazzone, Renee Souris, Kristen Kwiatkowski, Brittany Meyer, Jane Graf, Matthew Swiger Tracy Graf, Ann and Bob Zgorski, Gail and Phil Enstice, Jean Gainer, Kaye Schultz, Melissa Chambers, Jeff Kurtzman, Seth Dame, and Michele Greenfield.

We couldn’t have done it without your support!

VA Wine Country Half


Saving Lives in Uganda

Big things are happening over at Operation Incubation, and we are so excited to share what we’ve been working on thanks to so many of your generous donations!  This fall, Operation Incubation partnered with an amazing Charleston, SC-based nonprofit called the Palmetto Medical Initiative.  The folks over at PMI are doing some really great work at their medical center in the Masindi district of Uganda and recently opened a new Labor and Delivery Ward.

Operation Incubation sent over three incubators to be used in the new ward.  Not too long after their doors open, a newborn baby in distress was placed in one of the life-saving devices that we provided!

We’re so thankful to be able to partner with organizations like the Palmetto Medical Initiative as we continue to grow and can’t wait to continue to work with them this year as we continue to forge new partnerships with other global health initiatives.

Next, we’re looking at a project at a hospital in Somalia that is in desperate need of neonatal care equipment.  Currently, there are no neonatal care units in the entire country, so this project will be a big undertaking that will require lots of support, financial and otherwise.

We’ll have more details soon on how you can donate and help, but in the meantime, please consider making a donation to go towards our effort in Somalia by visiting our donation page.  The babies appreciate any donation, large or small, to help get them the equipment that they need to have a second chance in this world.

-The Operation Incubation Team